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TEST FROM ROB:::::::Don't leave your event to chance, contact Mimescape to discover what we can do for you.

Mimescape personifies some of the glorious tradition of British eccentricity. A constantly evolving project aiming to entertain people from all walks of life, cultures and languages.

Our physical and comedy theatre works in most situations from the street to shopping malls and society balls in 5 star hotels. Mimescape bring live interactive entertainment to your event.

Our commitment is to create amusement, laughter and surprise and when required to communicate ideas and messages.

In 2007 Mimescape worked for a wide range of clients and venues including two 4 week residencies at the London eye and at the 5 star Emirates Mall in Dubai. So far this year 2008 the Mimescape team have performed in a tango show at the Wilton Music Hall, worked at various venues as mimes, performed in hotels and private parties as fake paparazzi and completed a theatre tour of universities.

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